2016 Badge Walk-through by the Toymakers!

Badge created by the Toymakers! Check them out: http://www.tymkrs.com

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CYPHERCON 2016 Electronic Badge

The Cyphercon 2016 badge is a functional minimalist Exclusive Or Stream Cipher implemented in hardware around old-school 7400 logic chips, micro-switches, and LEDs without the use of a processor or micro-controller.  Essentially, it is a very nerdy encoder ring.



1. Override High
2. Override Low
3. Input 0 (1’s place)
4. Input 1 (2’s place)
5. Input 2 (4’s place)
6. Step

Encoding Operation

CypherTTY is a minimal 3 bit character encoding standard designed for the Cyphercon 2016 Badge.  While you could use the badge to encrypt any binary data, I thought it would be fun to have a standard way to make secret text messages.

000     >       >       >       >       >       >
001     SP      3       ,       N       U       B
010     E      ...

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