CypherCon 4.0 (2019) Badge

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Clue for CypherCon 4.0?


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CypherCon 3.0 (2018) Badge


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CypherCon Badge 3.0 Documentation

TYMKRS's Documentation for the CypherCon Badge 3.0

Basic Badge Operation

On the back side of the badge, near the edge, there are two softkeys.
The button labeled "Click to Power On" turns the badge on. The button labeled "Click to go / Hold to power off" is used to select apps, or turn the badge off.

When first powered on, the badge needs to initialize and will display "NOPRES" as a reminder to not press buttons until initialization is complete. When the badge is initialized and ready for use, the display will show "DONE", and then the default idle message will begin scrolling.

While the badge is in idle, you can start an app by pressing the app select softkey. The display will show "APPSEL", and you can select each of the apps by pressing the touchpad...

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Badge 3.0 – Additional Information

tbased - TBAS Touchpad Editor

TBASED is an editor for TBAS that uses the touchpad for editing.

When the TBASED app is started, the edit buffer is displayed on the 7 segment display, with the cursor identified by a blinking decimal point. Additionally, the usb serial terminal displays the currently executing TBAS program for reference, along with the edit buffer. Although the serial terminal displays editor information, editing must be done with on the badge via the touchpad and softkey.

0 and 9 are the cursor keys, moving the cursor through the edit buffer.
1 Inserts a ‘[‘
2 Inserts a ‘]’
3 Inserts a ‘<‘
4 Inserts a ‘>’
5 Inserts a ‘+’
6 Inserts a ‘-‘
7 Inserts a ‘=’
8 Inserts a ‘?’
* Backspace...

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2018 CypherCon 3.0 Badge – Special Message from the TYMKRS

tbas – TBAS Interpreter

TBAS is an interpreter for the TBAS language. TBAS belongs to a class of languages colloquially referred to as Turing Tarpits, for their computational minimalism.

The TBAS Interpreter is constantly executing, even when another app is running. The TBAS execution environment consists of a program containing single character operators, a data buffer of unsigned 8-bit variables to use as working memory, a global IO Mode, and a separate buffer of unsigned 8-bit variables that can be used as a FIFO or a FILO. Access to the data buffer is restricted to a single pointer, in the style of a ‘tape’. The instruction pointer for the source code is referred to as eptr. The data buffer and data pointer are referred to as mcell[] and mptr.

> Advance ...

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2017 CypherCon 2.0 Cube Badge

The Cube badge by the TYMKRS




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2016 Badge Walk-through by the Toymakers!

Badge created by the Toymakers! Check them out:

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CYPHERCON 2016 Electronic Badge

The Cyphercon 2016 badge is a functional minimalist Exclusive Or Stream Cipher implemented in hardware around old-school 7400 logic chips, micro-switches, and LEDs without the use of a processor or micro-controller.  Essentially, it is a very nerdy encoder ring.



1. Override High
2. Override Low
3. Input 0 (1’s place)
4. Input 1 (2’s place)
5. Input 2 (4’s place)
6. Step

Encoding Operation

CypherTTY is a minimal 3 bit character encoding standard designed for the Cyphercon 2016 Badge.  While you could use the badge to encrypt any binary data, I thought it would be fun to have a standard way to make secret text messages.

000     >       >       >       >       >       >
001     SP      3       ,       N       U       B
010     E      ...

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